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You’ll love tight quarters with this Ratcheting Combination Wrench from SK!

This 6-pawl wrench comes with an incredibly tiny 1.7 degree arc swing. But with a hefty price tag.

We all love power tools, however there is always something around a beautifully designed, American made, hand tool that obviously attracts our attention. This is the case with SK’s new X-frame ratcheting wrench. It has been around for a few years after being demoed at SEMA in 2014.

The tool comes with an incredibly small 1.7 degree arc swing. This enables you to loosen and tighten fasteners in difficult or uncomfortable positions. However, typically a tiny arc swing does not represent a delicate pawl mechanism . As a matter of fact, just the opposite is true. With this tool, the pawl is very responsive to back movement. They actually sourced Swiss watch techniques to create such a precise pawl.

SK matched the 216-position ratchet mechanism with a distinct open I-beam body that increases the Ratcheting wrench’s cross section load distribution without increasing its weight . SK believes that the ratcheting wrench will withstand up to 5x the ANSI torque specification.

A few years back, technicians and tool lovers were unhappy to realize that SK was on the brink of vanishing from the manufacturing landscape. In what seemed to be a last minute bail-out, they were saved by Ideal Industries in 2010 , another strong hand tool and tool manufacturer in the Midwest of the US. It was a good fit. Ideal already produced fantastic pliers, among other items, so it appeared suitably qualified to revitalize the already famous SK brand.

Anyone who fancies a high quality wrench ought to switch their check out the X-Frame . The tools demonstrate top quality fabrication with fantastic fit and finish . Their glossy chrome plating ( SK calls it “Superkrome”) will remind you of the smooth glossiness of the bumper of 1950s Buick, while the ratchet makes rumbling and vibrating sound once you flip it .

With the combined force of these two companies, you will discover 4 ,000 or more tools made in America, along with the X-Frame .

Wondering how much this precision tool will set you back? Well, it’s quite a bit for this amazing tool. However, they are significantly less compared to other well-established labels in the USA. The wrenches cost anywhere between $22 to $46 apiece, dependent on size . SK lists the set at $300, although we found a 12-piece set of X-Frames selling for $220 to $240 on the internet.

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