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2016 The Wrench Awards Winners!


This is the first annual Wrench Awards! My goal with this project is to point out the best in the industry in a few different ways. Firstly, great service. Secondary, great price and quality combination. And lastly any up and coming companies.


All Around Winner: Snap-On

They win because of their great quality, and amazing franchise owners. My friends and I always love seeing the local snap-on truck come by. Even if it’s just shooting the shit at the truck, it’s a fun break. Snap-On has been my favorite brand for years, and my overall pick.


Innovation Awards Winner: SK Hand Tool

I posted about the X-frame earlier, and I’m still in love with them. These wrenches mix up a 100 year old tool and bring something fresh to the market. If you want to impress your technicians, show them a drawer full of these!


Price to Quality Winner: Jaeger Tools

This is a new company I found on Amazon earlier this year. They offered to give me a free wrench to review, and I was really impressed by them. While they are a new company in the market, they really hit the main use case on the head. A long lasting Cr-V ratcheting wrench at a decent price.


And there you have it! It was fun putting this together, and hopefully we can do this again next year. Please submit your picks to me.. And what do you think of my picks?

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